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Fulfilling all your requirements for protecting your electronic devices, we offer you the world’s most reliable sealing products. Made using the latest and finest engineered solutions, we can help you protect toggle switches, push button switches and rotary switches.

Toggle Switch Boots

Toggle Switch Boot Diagram

Tough yet pliable silicone covers for your toggle switches ensure that your toggle switches remain safe from salt water, lubricants and any other element that can be harsh on them. These switch boots are made to match a variety of switches and controls or can be made to meet the customers exact specifications.

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Push Button Switch Boots

Push Button Switch Boot Diagram

Harsh environmental elements can no longer harm Push Buttons thanks to our Switch Boots. Whether you need our products to perform in military or industrial setting, you can rest assured that we deliver.

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Rotary Switch Boots

Rotary Switch Boot Diagram

Protect your rotary switches from dirt, dust and grease with high-quality switch boots that ensure longevity and ease of use at all times. We promise a strong, rugged construction and conformity to most manufacturers’ product guidelines.

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