Get your Wires Protected with ZaGO’s Rubber Grommets

How to smooth the sharp edges, avoid electrical insulation breaks and prevent contamination of cables? Check ZaGO’s grommets for answers…
Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets are used to protect wires or cables passing through panel holes. They help eliminate sharp edges, minimize the transmission of vibration and also protect the cables and wires from dirt, air and water.

Usually, when metal or another hard material has a hole made in it whether drilled or punched, the hole created has sharp edges. The sharp edges may abrade or cut electrical wires, cords, ropes, lacings, or other soft vulnerable material passing through. The smooth and sometimes soft inner surface of ZaGO’s grommet shields the wire from damage. Also, electrical insulation may break due to repeated flexing at the exit point. Rubber, plastic or plastic coated metal grommets are used to avoid this. Another functionality of the grommet is that it protects the wiring or cabling from dirt, air and water contamination.

ZaGo’s grommets are also used to minimize the transmission of vibration, and are widely used as vibration dampers. They are made of rubber or other elastic materials, to acoustically isolate electronic circuit components that are susceptible to microphonism caused by mechanical vibration or jarring.

ZaGO’s edge grommets are molded and continuous strip grommets; they are cut to a wide variety of desired sizes and lengths and feature flexible-opening styles. Usually manufactured in a single piece, they can be inserted by hand. Two-piece hard plastic devices which also grip the wire that passes through are also available. These are called strain relief bushings and are often used to insulate, anchor, and protect power cords where they enter panel, preventing a tug or twist on the wire from stressing the electrical connections inside the connected equipment. Sleeved grommets have a flexible extension (sleeve), usually tapered or molded to flex increasingly towards the free end in order to reduce fracturing of electrical insulation.

Give your wires, hoses, pipes or other objects passing through a panel hole a proper finish by applying ZaGO’s grommets. The grommets will protect the cables from sharp edges and contaminations, will shield electrical insulation from breaks, and will minimize vibration transmission. Rubber grommets work well in plastic, metal or other substrates. To get your wires protected call us @ (973) 643-6700 or email us at [email protected].

Features and Benefits

  • Protects cables and wires from sharp edges
  • Prevents contamination of dirt and water
  • Avoids vibration transmission
  • Prevent electrical insulation break
  • Variety of sizes