Get your Electrical Components Fully Protected with ZaGO’s Full Panel Covers

Prevent malfunction of your equipment. Provide protection from harsh environmental challenges by sealing your switches adequately
Multi Switch Panel Seals

Multi Switch Panel Seals

Salt sprays, spills, humidity, and other environmental hazards harm your equipment and cause malfunctions, breakdowns and flaws. ZaGO developed rubber switch boots and covers to eliminate the effect of these hazards. Our multi switch full panel covers are designed to protect a full panel carrying many switches of many sizes and styles.

ZaGO’s rubber switch boots and covers are crafted from a single piece design to protect switch functionality from contaminants. The switch covers maintain effective sealing for temperature ranges of -93F to +400F. Ours seals provide added protection, sealing not only the top of the switches, but also the cut-outs of the switches. The multi switch full panel covers come in colored or transparent material for illuminated and non-illuminated applications, while ZaGO’s new crystal clear design enhances the appearance of the switches.

ZaGO’s unique multi switch full panel covers can be used in many applications such as industrial control panels, medical electronic equipment, and so on. ZaGO’s technical team is always willing to economically adjust its multi switch full panel covers to create a unique design to fit client’s specifications and ensure the highest quality product. This kind of performance and added reliability can be designed into your panel for a low cost with minimum orders as low as 25 pieces.

Join the experts and choose ZaGO’s multi switch full panel covers for their high quality and cost competitiveness. The covers will improve the longevity of your equipment and will not surrender to environmental damages. Call us today for consultation on your custom panel switch cover.

Features and Benefits

  • Protection from harsh environmental contaminants
  • Transparent / colored
  • Temperature range -67F to 356F
  • Available for all types of switches
  • Economical
  • Option for tailor made


  • Military electric systems and equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial control panels
  • Lighting control systems
  • Swimming pools, spas
  • And many more…
Multiswitch Panel Cover

Multiswitch Panel Cover

Full Panel Switch Covers

Full Panel Switch Covers

Multiswitch Panel Cover For Eletronic Parking

Multiswitch Panel Cover For Eletronic Parking