It’s All about Finding the Right Plug for the Right Tube

Seal tubes with ZaGO’s rubber seal plugs and rest assured; Leakage, spill, and mess are no longer part of your storage and shipment concerns
Rubber Seal Plugs

Rubber Seal Plugs

Rubber seal plugs are used to seal elements holding chemicals or high-temperature substances. They are sized to fit standard copper-tube dimensions and are used to protect and seal tubing in various applications.

ZaGO’s rubber seal plugs feature tapered end for easy insertion, press fit and self sealing material. These allow for the injection of gas to keep the tube clean and dry during shipment and storage. The plugs are resistant to high temperature and chemicals, and can be applied to copper tubing (ACR, Oxy, L, K, M, DWW and medical) as well as to compressors.

Rubber has certain unique properties which make it suitable for rubber products that are widely used in various industrial applications. Rubber is water repellent. It is resistant to alkalis and weak acids. Rubber has elasticity, toughness, adhesiveness, and electrical resistance. These properties make rubber useful as an adhesive, a coating composition, a molding compound, as well as an electrical insulator.

Our rubber seal plugs fit your needs! Sized to standard copper tubes dimensions and designed to protect from spillage and leakage, they are the missing piece to complete your product. Call us at (973) 643-6700 or email us at [email protected].


  • Tapered end for easy insertion
  • Self-sealing
  • Non-staining
  • Operating with high temperature

Featured Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Automobile
  • Chemical and medical
  • Construction
  • Many more…
Rubber Seal Plugs Diagram

Rubber Seal Plugs Diagram