Permanent Sealing against Contaminants with ZaGO’s Panel-Bushing Seals

Nothing is too challenging for ZaGO’s panel-bushing seals. Be it high temperature, contaminants, installation, long usage, the panel-bushing seals overcome it all!
Bonded Rubber to Metal

Bonded Rubber to Metal

The rubber bonding process attaches the silicone rubber to the stainless steel seal washers to provide a permanent seal against different contaminants. Rubber-bonded-to-metal products are also used to isolate noise and vibration.

ZaGO’s seal washers are stainless steel, type 202 or 302, molded both front and back with silicone rubber to fit toggle switches 0.469” in diameter. Our bushing seals are designed for quick, easy and convenient installation and can be assembled so that the surface marked “top” is up and the surface marked “bottom” is down.

The ZaGO seal washer is economical and provides a permanent seal against liquids, dust and other contaminants. The silicone rubber has a durometer hardness of 35 to 55, and excellent resistance to extreme temperatures. These washers are reusable as long as the silicone rubber elements remain intact. All of our panel-bushing seals meet milspec Mil-DTL-5423.

Permanent seal against contaminants, easy to install, excellent temperature resistance, economical, easy to install, are just a few of the advantages in our bonded-rubber-to-metal products. Contact us today @ ZaGO to get the panel-bushing seals you need.

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Features and Benefits

  • Permanent seal against contaminants
  • Durometer hardness of 35 to 55
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Economical
  • Conforms to Mil-DTL-5423