ZaGO’s Durable Pneumatic Seals Withstand All Challenges

We pride ourselves on manufacturing the most durable pneumatic seals! Check our options for standard or custom made seals and enjoy our matchless expertise
Pneumatic Seals

Pneumatic Seals

Pneumatic seals typically operate in dynamic applications, many times at high speeds, rotating motions and low pressure. At ZaGO we use advanced materials to meet our clients’ needs, be the industry challenges as they may: fluids, temperatures, surface speeds or pressures.

Pneumatic Seals operate typically in air or other gaseous medium. They require minimal lubricant when exposed to air in order to achieve maximum sealing. ZaGO offers pneumatic products in a variety of profiles, types and materials. Our pneumatic seal group includes symmetrical seals, rod seals, piston seals and static seals, all adjusted to the unique specifications of the client. For example, rotary applications need only one pneumatic seal, while a reciprocating application would need two. Our experts will guide the client to identify his requirements and will tailor the pneumatic seal for you. We offer expertise across all aspects of the manufacturing and application process to get the client the most durable pneumatic seal for his needs.

Our pneumatic seals are in countless applications in all industries: transportation, industrial, construction and many more. We manufacture our seals in all standard sizes (metric and inch), as well as custom sizes. We also serve our customers by offering technical and engineering support, shortened lead times, domestic supplier ordering, accounting, special packaging and bar coding.

When in need for pneumatic seals – turn to the experts. ZaGO not only works with an array of advanced materials, but owns the best solutions as to the manufacturing and application processes. Call us today!

Features and benefits

  • Durable
  • Widest variety of seals and materials
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Expertise across all aspects of production and application


  • Can and package filling machines
  • Oil-field exploration and production
  • Paint and solvent manufacture and application
  • Adhesives dispensing valves and cylinders chemical pumps
  • Cryogenic liquid control components
  • Liquid handling swivel joints
  • Construction equipment
  • Drilling equipment
  • Chemical pumps and valves